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'93 | Queen 👑

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So many things he said and did pissed me off and he didn’t understand where I was coming from or what exactly my point was.. When someone doesn’t understand you and says you’re crazy that just makes you even more done and frustrated.

I don’t mean agreeing w/ me but just understand where I’m coming from..

You should be w/ a person who understands where you’re coming from.. Someone who can understand why you feel a certain way.. God I wish I had someone who understood where I was coming from and not say I sound crazy or that I get mad over little stuff.. It hurts dude.. It hurts to be labeled the crazy one when you just want to be understood.

Lemme go eat these jello cookies
& watch HGTV

When you’re in the mood to talk to someone but that someone goes and pisses you off and kicks you off the phone basically 👎

Again with the bullshit man..
If I say I’m not tired I’m not fucking tired
This is the second time he’s done this and it’s so annoying. Like it really makes me mad like damn just say you don’t want to talk cause that’s what it seems like
Man that shit pisses me off. I’m so like annoyed now. So fucking annoying I just ughhh dude. Not gonna go to sleep anytime soon and I’m gonna try and not be pissed.. Happy thoughts happy thoughts..